my beautiful ugly

It’s clear that he still makes music for his hometown, to “give them something to be proud of,” but the new context gives him a new look on making music. His first official album, My Beautiful Ugly, was released in December and although it has seen a lot of positive response, he proudly claims that “I know this isn’t my best work.” This is because MBU serves more as a collection of his huge library of past work then a true representation of where he is right now. The album explores the dichotomy between beautiful and ugly, men and women, good and bad, “yin and yang.” With an album cover depicting his skin cracking and falling off, it’s no surprise that this is a very personal project, looking within and realizing that “nobody’s perfect.” Rasheed already has his sights on “My Beautiful Ugly 2,” but recently released Anthology Vol.1, a collection of more of his older songs (that he actually almost released from his phone while we were interviewing him). Describing his sound and where it’s going, he says “I’m still growing but I’m learning to personify my music, it grows with me.””

Kyle Delamar