Dear Family,

I'm humbled and honored to have the opportunity to present this music to ya'll. Its been a long time coming to put this out. For the record, I actually made the conscious decision to release my music here on this website before I release on the major streaming platforms. 

I can already hear folks not feeling that, but CULTURE. I wanted to find a way to reach my audience and reward the people who share the same frequency. We might not look the same. Didn't grow up alike. Don't dress alike. We probably make better enemies than friends, but you fuck with my movement, so I fuck with you... All jokes aside... I look forward to showing that commitment to a higher calling through demonstration. We really are all we got. 

I dedicate this album to the important people in my life who transitioned during the making of this album. 

I named this album MESSIAH COMPLEX because I finally realized that it's not my job to save the world when my Grandfather transitioned. At that point it became clear that I have to live my own vision to the fullest because when we pass all we have left is the impact that had on the individuals who we connect with. Reach out and let me know how you felt about the project.